Works & Projects

Inner Spaces

movement installation / site-specific performance

A few decades of dying

short dance film 2021

Dance & Choreography: Ariadna Vendelová
Cinematography: Michaela Hošková
Music Composition: Peter Power

Project was supported by the City of Košice and Creative Industry Košice.
Projekt podporilo Mesto Košice a Creative Industry Košice.
Filmed in Slovakia, 2021.

Based on a series of poems by the artist Ariadna V, readable at the link below.


An unnatural state, to be alone.

Setting in motion a catatonic, primordial survival mode, a paralysis of doing and non-doing.
The gentle struggle of alternating ideas of self, of resisting and succumbing.
There is something unwilling about it, where our responsibilities are both ostracising and stigmatising.

In this oscillation the dysmorphic body collapses,
and we emerge into the burden of everyday tasks and roles,
the rituals of daily existence.
The battle to stay upright. The battle to sustain ourselves.

But the body is heavy.

Too much noise to be calm.
Too much solitude to be happy.

Is life just a few decades of dying
or an unbecoming,
a rebirth into stillness
coupled with love.

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