Ariadna Vendelová | performing artist

aerialist, dance performer, choreographer, teacher


Ariadna Vendelova is an aerialist, dance performer, choreographer and teacher working internationally around Europe, as well as locally within the community in the city of Košice, Slovakia, where she is based. She is a founder of an arts community platform Ariadnina Niť, a a co-founder of Lalyra Company and Lalyra Academy, an acclaimed local aerial dance studio.
She is an aerial artist researching within the field of aerial dance and new circus, specialising in aerial silks. Her movement quality, creative focus and holistic approach to movement arts have been deeply influenced by yoga, dance improvisation and nature, as well as by her experience of motherhood, by feminism and by artistic and geographical isolation within the genre.

She has worked, performed and taught at events, festivals and studios around Europe, working with artists in and beyond the field in staged works, live performances, as well as short film/video projects. Her works include a short dance film ‚A few decades of dying‘ (2021), a full length solo show All My Skirts (2019), and medium length shows In the Wind (2019), Birds (2018). Her work on site-specific experimental aerial movement performances including Anam (2022) – dance on tree in natural enviroment, Inner Spaces (2021)- movement installation on a metal staircase, and ‚O Jankovi Polienkovi‘ (2021)- a community based aerial dance show for children, were supported by schollarships and grant funds of the Arts Council of Slovakia and Košice City Council. She co-currates Cat's Paw Experimental Aerial Dance Meeting together with Emily Aoibheann.

Ariadna is also a poetess, currently working on creating a publication platform for poetry of women Moje More, a yoga practicioner and teacher, and a passionate advocate for enviromentalism, calling for the return to Nature in the physical, ecological and spiritual sense of the word.

A Few Decades of Dying / short dance film 2021

inspired by the theme of isolation trauma experienced during the Covid pandemic

All My Skirts - solo show 2019/2020_trailer

In the Wind - aerial silks solo 2019

Birds - group piece with Lalyra Company 2018

Last of Me - aerial silks solo 2016

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